Withdrawing Room Project comes to an end

After being installed for a year at Croome Court, the Withdrawing Room has now been taken down. We’d like to thank all the staff, volunteers and visitors who contributed to the project (and the comments books!) since the project began and wish everyone at Croome the very best for the future. We look forward to seeing what happens next!


Croome Withdrawing Room completed

Photography credit: Hitomi Kai Yoda

Photography credit: Hitomi Kai Yoda

Photography credit: Hitomi Kai Yoda
Photography credit: Hitomi Kai Yoda

Installation time-lapse film

Work-in-Progress: Installation on site

Components being unloaded in grounds

Timber plinth being installed

Supporting steelwork during installation

Supporting laser cut steel ring beam complete

Fabric being prepared at Croome for hanging

Fabric hanging fixings - each with individual code number

Each layer of fabric being individually hung

Volumes for withdrawing starting to form

A view of all the layers from above

Hung fabric

Work-in-Progress: Laser cutting

High-tech craft: photo from the laser cutter just after they finished our fabric cutting

Work-in-Progress: Steel fabrication

Supporting steel work during fabrication (before being cleaned and powdercoated)

Supporting steel work set out in workshop

Laser cut steel to specific curvature (Note guide holes for fabric support points)

Welding-in-Progress in the workshop

Work-in-Progress: Seating base

Seating base partially constructed in the workshop