Recent visitor & volunteer feedback, Saturday 22nd January

On Saturday 22nd January I spent several hours at Croome Court in the Drawing Room to talk with Volunteers and Visitors about the exciting “Croome Withdrawing Room” project that is now gathering momentum. The project has certainly captured the attention of the Volunteers and has become the hot topic. In the main, Volunteers are really interested in what’s happening and where we are up to with the project, they are looking forward to seeing a finished piece of work in the Drawing Room, especially if it draws attention away from the bar!

We had in excess of 170 visitors on Saturday, many of which were very keen to read the literature and discuss the plans that were shown for the project. Many were very complimentary that such an innovative approach was being taken and they commented that it was important that National treasures like Croome built on the heritage, but looked to move with the times. This was very encouraging, particularly as two of them were National Trust volunteers from Suffolk and Northumberland.

The overwhelming majority of people I spoke with on Saturday were very interested, positive and keen to see the outcome. I am sure Volunteers will be enthusiastically telling the story when the project is complete and that many visitors will return to see what has been created.

It is only natural that some views expressed showed concern for the traditions and values and even the process employed but no one can doubt the desire and ability of the people involved. We Made That, Croome management and Volunteers are all committed to deliver innovation and quality in a way that remains true to the heritage and tradition of Croome.

Traditionalists who may have any lingering doubts about the project should think back to the pioneering spirit of innovation which the 6th Earl, along with Capability Brown introduced to Croome in the 1750’s. It is this spirit of innovation and fresh approach that is driving this project.

I will be at Croome Court on Sunday 30th January and would encourage as many people as possible to come along and see the proposals for the “Withdrawing Room Project”. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute towards the success of this. Everyone is welcome.

Stephen Smart


Withdrawing Room Project Champion


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