A Question of Taste

There were some recurring topics of conversation during our drop-in day at Croome last Saturday, but by far the most common was the bar in the corner of the room. Installed in the 1980s when the Court was being used as a conference centre and restaurant, those who hadn’t seen it before were all puzzled by its presence. The majority of volunteers seemed to think it should be removed, and only a few mentioned that it was a valid part of Croome’s varied history. What do you think? You can use the ‘Leave a Comment’ option below to let the project team know.


One response to “A Question of Taste

  1. Whilst the bar and its build quality and style is out of keeping with the rest of the Court, it is a part of its history, albeit very recent history. In years to come, if the bar survives, it may be viewed as a part of late 20th century style, or lack of! After all the bar was used as an area within the Drawing Room that business people at the Court “withdrew” to after a day work. Perhaps in 100 years time history might not judge it as harshly as we do today.

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