‘Drop In’ Workshop

We spent the day of Saturday 15th January introducing the Withdrawing Room project to volunteers and visiting members of the public in the Drawing Room itself. It was great to see some familiar faces from our previous volunteer workshops, but also really good to be able to introduce the project to some new people. Those who attended seemed intrigued and keen to learn about the proposals, and it was useful for us to gain some further insight into people’s varied opinions of the Court and The Drawing Room.

Solitary seat test

Group seat tests

We used the day as an opportunity to test seating arrangements in the space for the best possible views, and to consider and trial some fabrics in the room. Unfortunately we spent so long speaking to everyone who visited we didn’t get as much time as we expected to get them fully involved in the testing!

Visitors told us that they liked the not-so-precious presentation of the house that allowed their children greater freedom. It was really apparent that our finalised designs will need to be robust to avoid any ‘Do Not Touch’ notices!

We also discussed that the proposals should be inviting. Rather than being an alien addition to the Drawing Room, we should be creating a talking point and conversation starter.


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