Preliminary Proposals

As an early response to workshop discussions about 'withdrawing', we have proposed a space for small groups to spend time conversing, as well as an intimate space for solitary moments.

We began this process describing our proposals as , ‘an inhabitable piece of furniture’ for the unfurnished Drawing Room. In considering how the room might be ‘refurnished’ we were particularly struck by the history of the room being referred to as the ‘Blue Damask Room’.

1759 – Vile & Cobb: 14 ½ yds blue Silk Damask for Baker to use in the Drawing Room.

We also felt that soft furnishings were relevant to some of the workshop feedback about contemporary ‘withdrawing’, particularly themes of comfort, warmth and enveloping spaces. Careful and imaginative use of fabric therefore seemed especially suitable for our proposals.

The referenced profiles from egg & tongue carvings could form a filigreed edge to the hung fabric

We wish to invoke ideas of soft furnishings and drapery that may be familiar to visitors to Croome, but also to create a contemporary piece of design. We therefore propose that the Withdrawing Room use stratified layers of fabric to create an voluminous enclosure within the Drawing Room. We imagine that these multiple layers will be translucent and lightly coloured to create a truly immersive and unique experience. The strata will combine to create openings, frame views and focus attentions within the room.


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