Could this be a space for withdrawing?

Image credit: Worcestershire Record Office

Our second workshop with Croome volunteers and staff built on the experiences of the first session. The group was asked to consider two sets of images, first some taken around Croome itself, then a set of some more unusual and contemporary spaces. They were then asked to describe their character and possible use, and to answer the question: ‘Could this be a space for withdrawing?’


Through this exercise we were able to gain a much clearer picture of what the Croome community felt an appropriate space for ‘withdrawing’ might be. This will be crucial as we develop our designs for the Drawing Room. It was interesting that most people who came to the workshop felt that intimacy, comfort and calm were key factors of a withdrawing space, but also interesting that what one person found to be ‘serene’, another described as ‘sterile’. Interpretation is a difficult thing! Other important factors discussed were colour, texture and the number of people (or lack of) needed for ‘withdrawing’.





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