‘Live’ research begins with Croome volunteers

We think the chance to tap into volunteers’, and the wider Croome community’s, ideas offers a perfect opportunity to develop a Withdrawing Room that is Croome-specific. Their knowledge, experiences and participation will all contribute to our proposal for the Drawing Room – and will be a way to address key questions in developing the proposals.

Broadly these questions are;

i) What role might a Withdrawing Room play in the 21st century?
ii) What does a 21st century Withdrawing Room look like?
iii) What stories might be told about Withdrawing Rooms in general?
iv) What does the idea of ‘withdrawing’ mean in today’s society?


One response to “‘Live’ research begins with Croome volunteers

  1. It’s great to have a blog for the project, as it not only engenders conversation and contributions, it also enables everybody to keep up to date. With things moving fast at Croome and a lot of good work being done, it is nice to be able to track the progress of the project in this way.

    For me, withdrawing also means withdrawing mentally and not just physically. This opens up the idea of reflection and a whole host of possibilities for Croome to either reflect its past in a modern form or for Croome to reflect on its journey to date. Reflecting can also be a projection as in ‘to reflect’ is to be indicative of something, and so that fittingly gives the potential to reflect Croome’s vision for the future at this very exciting time.

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