Croome Withdrawing Room Project Champion

We’re pleased to announce that we now have a volunteer Project Champion on board; Stephen Smart. He will be liaising between We Made That and the wider group of Croome NT volunteers throughout the project.

Stephen will be attending project team meetings, making contributions to this blog, joining us for all 3 workshops, and assisting with communicating your thoughts to us as the project develops. He can be contacted through Genevieve Pearson via the ‘contact’ tab above.


One response to “Croome Withdrawing Room Project Champion

  1. Hello to everyone. As Genevieve has said I am here to channel your ideas, thoughts and observations to both Oliver and the We Made That team and the staff at Croome. Please feel free to e mail me direct at or call 01905 820554. I will then forward your thoughts or get back directly to you if you have a question that needs answering. This is YOUR forum for communication and ALL comments will be invaluable as this exciting and innovative project proceeds over the next few months. The more Volunteers contributions we get can only add to the ultimate success of this project. I look forward to hearing from you.

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